1:1 FAQ

This is a site to help answer your question of the White Oak Independent School District 1:1 implementation.

Q: Can my computer be on my wireless network?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I plug into the ethernet port on the computer?
A: No.

Q: Is the internet blocked/filtered on this device at my home?
A: Yes, the Chromebook is being filtered. While not required by law to filter devices away from the school, we use a CIPA compliant filter that blocks sites similar to the school’s filter.

Q: Can I install my own software?
A: No. Chromebooks do not allow software installation. There are plugins and extensions that can be used within Chrome that are downloaded from the Chrome store.

Q: Can I install my home printer?
A: Yes, if the printer is Google Cloud Print friendly.

Q: Where do I save my files?
A: We are using Google Drive to save files. You are automatically logged into Google Drive once you sign into the Chromebook. There is a small storage space on the Chromebook itself, but it is intended for only temporary storage.

Q: What happens if someone steals my device?
A: Report it immediately to your building principal! They will report it to the Technology Department, and we will remotely lock the machine and start the location process. The machines can be rendered useless once we lock them down, and we will be able to find them via tracking software. NOTE: A police report is required for the insurance plan to pay for a replacement. Failure to produce a police report or the Chromebook will result in the parent/guardian being responsible for the replacement cost of the Chromebook.

Q: Will my child get the same machine every year?
A: Yes, your student will keep the same device throughout his/her middle school career. It will be collected at the end of 8th grade and a new device will be assigned to for the high school career.

Q: What do I use to clean my device screen?
A: A soft cloth or a microfiber towel works best. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY GLASS CLEANERS OR OTHER LIQUIDS! Do not put pressure on the screens as it can cause damage.

Q: What is the plan when a student forgets to charge his/her device or forgets the device at home?
A: We will have some “spares” for the students to use if they forget their device at home. These will not be the same level of device that the student leaves at home, so they will notice some performance lag. Every classroom will have a few extra chargers.

Q: What is the difference between the computers at “Big Box stores” versus the machines that we are going to use?
A: The computers at the big box stores are considered “consumer level” machines, the computers we are buying are “corporate or enterprise level” machines. That means they have the fastest processor and the maximum amount of memory to allow for all of the products our students will be producing.

Q: Can the device sustain the weight of other books in a bookbag?
A: It’s not recommended. Please keep the device in the laptop case that the school district has provided. It will offer the greatest amount of protection for the device.

Q: Can my student bring the device I provide instead of or in addition to using the Chromebook?
A: Sure. Just be sure that the device is capable of accessing the tools being used in the classrooms like a Chromebook can.

Q: What if I don’t want my student bringing the Chromebook home at night?
A: Each grade level has a plan in place to store the device for the evening. Have your student ask his/her teacher about that process.