Using Google Drive Offline

It’s important to know how to set up student Chromebooks to utilize Google Drive offline without the Internet. Below is a video that shows the steps with the latest menu updates from Google.  

Connecting Via Bluetooth

You might have an accessory you want to use with your Chromebook using bluetooth (like headphones or a mouse). The video below will walk you through the steps you need.

Connecting your Chromebook to WiFi

Since your Chromebook is meant to be a learning tool for you, we know that the learning can take place nearly anywhere. You will, at some point, need to access the wireless internet provided in that location (home, church, library, nature center, etc). Your teachers...

Powerwashing your Chromebook

Is your Chromebook running a little slower than normal? Are the Chrome apps and plugins acting up on you? If your Chromebook isn’t acting like you think it should, then Powerwash might be the answer. The video below will walk you through the very easy process of...