White Oak ISD staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of coverage and protection to our students while using the Internet. All school provided devices are filtered inside and outside of the school. Our partnership with Securly adds another layer to that protection. Securly provides a parent portal. Not only will you receive weekly notifications about your child’s activity (for those in grades 6-12), you will also be given the opportunity to create an account in the Parent Portal. This Parent Portal will give you even more control of the device use while at home. To manage your parent portal, log in HERE. WOISD does not manage Securly’s parent portal, so please direct all help requests to them through their website.

While your student is actively monitored during Internet use both through human and automatic filtering means (2 methods) during the school day, we understand the concern about sending a Chromebook home where there may not be automatic filtering in place. That is why our partnership with Securly is so important. Securly Parent Portal adds some great features for the parent. One, you will get weekly emails about your student’s off-campus Internet usage (see video below). Two, not too long after school begins you will have the ability to create your own free account at Securly to log into at any point and also manage the filtering settings when the device is at home. We think these extra layers of filtering and control provide even more to the use of the device.

Parent Portal by Securly from Securly on Vimeo.

Every campus and every grade level spends time each year teaching our students the appropriate use of digital tools and working online. This is called digital citizenship. We are proud to be one of only five school districts in the state of Texas that is Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified. We have taken it a step further by having every single campus Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified. This requires dedication by each campus to commit to the instruction and implementation of the guidelines of appropriate use.